Thursday, February 24, 2011

My second film project for school.

Here is my second 1 minute exercise for Video Production 1. The main point of this exercise was to establish a characters personality based on their actions / dress / decision making. Would love some feedback! I know I know, I suck with storytelling. Watch in HD!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jeopardy – Watson Supercomputer Competes With Humans

"Unless you live in cave, you have most likely heard of the IBM Watson Supercomputer that competes against humans in Jeopardy. See how Watson did against PBS science correspondent Miles O’Brien and David Gondek on a Jeopardy round."

What a fuckin champ. This is ridiculously unfair but David puts up a good fight!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Razer Switchblade – A Revolution in PC Gaming

"We never stop looking for ways to get the edge and we never stop innovating. Where others seen problems and barriers, we see challenges our engineers have yet to be unleashed upon. PC gaming has always been locked to a desktop environment. Never has anyone been able to replicate the usability of a mouse and keyboard interface on the go. It wasn’t that it was impossible, it was just that the designers at Razer hadn’t given it a go. And now we have.

Now this is something I would buy.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

MINECRAFT: The Last Minecart

"The end of days are upon us. Zombies now walk the earth 24/7. The ultimate weapon must be crafted so that Niko and Sam can escape on the last remaining minecart out of the infected city!"

Shot with: Canon 7D, Sony EX1
Edited: Final Cut Pro
VFX: After Effects, 3ds Max, Rayfire


This is amazing!


Girl Attaches Hidden Video Camera To Her Butt – Do Guys Stare?

"What happens when a hot girl attaches a hidden camera to her butt and walks around LA? I won’t ruin the video for you… but it is pretty funny. My favorite part… girls looking! Video after the break."


Bout time I got back into it!

You Know Who I Be

Lupe Fiascos new cd is going to be plain amazing. Just from the first 3 songs that were leaked from the album, you can tell this is most likely going to be the album of the year.